The best decisions made are with Right Solutions Aerial Imaging.

Welcome to Right Solutions Aerial Imaging, located in Alberta and Saskatchewan. We specialize in using UAV's for various applications like Agriculture, Mapping / Surveying, Real Estate, Video, and Photography. We have a dedicated team to get the job done right.


We use a Parrot Sequoia multi-spectral camera along with a 21mp RGB camera to assist farmers with spotting early problems and rapidly selecting right interventions. By providing early assessment after weather events, with Right Solutions Aerial Imaging, growers can expect to see increased profits at harvest time.


Mapping / Surveying

By using our fixed wing or multirotor UAVs, we provide cost-effective, optimal geodetic solutions for your high resolution, precise surveying, and mapping needs.

Real Estate

We want your listing to stand out. Using photography or videography, we can make it informative and dazzling. We want to make sure that when somebody does see it, their first instinct is, 'Wow! I want to come take a look at it.'

At Right Solutions Aerial Imaging, we work closely with our clients to create professional footage and film. You can rely on our accuracy, expertise, and courtesy.

Video and Photography

Professional aerial photos and videos for personal events and public events for a fraction of the cost. We can assist in a wide range of applications requiring UAV's.  A 5.2k / 20.8MP camera with a wide range of recording can provide you with a variety of formats to choose from.

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