Photography and Videography


We can cater to a wide range of video and photography needs. From beautiful stunning stills and video with up to 5.2k resolution at 20.8MP. Do you have an event that requires 1080p live streaming? No problem, we can do that. We support Cinema DNG, Applepro Res and can record in a wide variety of formats.

Live view of flight available on large high-definition screen.



Agriculture and smart farming remote sensing.

  • Survey and multispectral measurements for site-specific land development.
  • Ecological and agronomic rural cultivation.
  • Multispectral imaging of soil, health, and vigor of crops.
  • Agricultural development, irrigation, and nutrient management.
  • Fertilizer and pesticides measurement.
  • Topographic surveys, slope angle measurement and volumetric analysis for site design.
  • Environmental impact assessment and flood risk surveys.
  • Weed detection.
  • Crop damage assessment.

At Right Solutions Aerial Imaging we work closely with you, our clients to create professional footage and film. You can rely on our accuracy, expertise, and courtesy.


Real Estate

Make your listing stand out! Whether you want to show off a lakefront property, or showcase a commercial property, make your listing look outstanding with real estate aerial photography.

Perhaps you want to show the home's location in relation to a lake, downtown or park. An aerial photo can show that when traditional photography cannot.

Look at the advertised listings of the most successful realtors and you see real estate aerial photography! Larger estates look impressive in aerial shots and can be captured in one single image.


Aerial Mapping

We conduct aerial mapping flights using a variety of unmanned aerial systems. Using our ‘Drones’ we can capture imagery and then process these images to produce high-resolution orthophotos. Our orthophotos have a level of detail many times that of commercially available satellite imagery, for a fraction of the cost.

Services provided:


3D  Models

Volume Measurement



Right Solutions Aerial Imaging provides a unique service that uses UAV's (Drones) for inspections of rooftops, pipeline surveillance, refinery inspections, flare stacks, wind turbines, power lines, communication towers, chimney inspections, and cellular towers.

Live video feed is available from a viewable GCS (Ground Control Station) with a 1080p 17" screen. This makes for fast and easy decision making between inspector and pilot.

Video and photography imagery is based on much higher resolutions for documentation.


If you like audio embedded in your video you can choose from royalty free audio or have Encomium create a one of a kind soundtrack for your advertisements or videos.

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